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with:   Isak Immanuel

New Workshop Schedule TBA

Inside the studio, outside in the city. Between memory, map, and moment. 

For: dancers, performers, researchers, experimenters.  

Through both inside and out, we will explore the dynamics of conditioning a pliable sensitive body relative to change. Exercises are developed for moving with restriction, release, and fluidity between a tactile quotidian person and a non-human awareness deeper in the body and place. We will study time, temperature, sound, and the memories in a body and a city landscape. Shifting between spaces, layers of perception, and orientation, physical imagination opens. The work is a discipline for meeting your body and your environment as it is and inside out.  

Method and practice is engaged both in the studio and in the outdoor or urban habitat. Physical and conceptual practices of orientation, gravity, composition, and sense work are influenced by an assemblage of performance, dance, and visual art methods, including: Noguchi Taisou, work with Anna Halprin’s scoring process - the RSVP cycles and ‘Remembering the Body’, Butoh method, a sense of ‘body in crisis’, ‘body as object’, ‘body in disappearance’, and studies of tableau vivant/image construction.  

Additional attention in the outdoor or urban spaces is on video as a witness, translator, or voyeur.  Video documentation is often made of parts of the workshop outdoors.    

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