SUNDAYS, FEB 26 to MAR 25th, 2012.  6:00 - 9:00pm

at THEOFFCENTER  848 Divisadero, San Francisco, CA 94117

For: dancers, performers, experimenters, live bodies.

Physical, conceptual, and internal practice: investigating what influences a body to move and its resonate sense of place. Explorations are developed through a series of image-based exercises on "natural" and "un-natural" movement, balance/off-balance, the body as a "water bag", and information of cities. Influenced by an assortment of contemporary dance/movement methodologies, including: principles of listening to weight from Noguchi Taisou, edge body from Butoh, Contemporary Art practices of Action Art, and Spatial Improvisation/Composition.

Overall, through layers of movement and space, we will explore the dynamics of conditioning a pliable sensitive body relative to change. Exercises are developed for moving with restriction, release, and fluidity between a tactile quotidian person and a non-human awareness deeper in the body. Notions of silence, noise, architecture and object hold an integral focus. Shifting between surfaces, layers of perception and orientation, physical imagination opens. The work is a discipline for meeting your body and your environment as it is and inside out.

Cost $20 drop in, $90 set. To register email: and let us know you are coming here.


Isak Immanuel is an interdisciplinary artist and dancer working internationally in outdoor urban environments, unconventional spaces, theaters, galleries, and for camera.He has done solo and collaborative work throughout the western coast of United States, East Asia, and Europe. In 2004, he began the two part performance and exhibition series Tableau Stations / Floor of Sky as a context to explore experimental collaborations and work engaged with the questions of site, transit, and the absences and inversions of quotidian life. Recent work has been done as Artist in Residence at Fabrica Europa in Italy, Dock 11 in Berlin, Taipei Artists Village and the HweiLan International Artists Workshop in Taiwan, CESTA (Cultural Exchange Station Tabor Arts) in the Czech Republic, and at New Langton Arts, CounterPULSE and Djerassi in the San Francisco Bay Area. In January 2009, his work "Clothes x Sun" was featured in ballettanz (Europe's Leading Dance Magazine). For 2010, he was a selected recipient of an Artist Fellowship apart of the Japan-US Friendship Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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