Tableau Stations is an interdisciplinary arts platform engaging local and global questions of place. Creating work between dance and the visual arts, it was initiated by interdisciplinary artist, dancer, and choreographer Isak Immanuel (with the project Floor of Sky in 2004). The impetus for the work comes from an inquiry on how to negotiate contemporary public spaces of a city with the intimacies and economies of individual bodies.  Here, inquiries to staging absence and sight/site-specificity are actively engaged.  Ongoing, it is work in the area of travel, absence, inversion, and how to open a map through collaboration and experimentation.  

Since its conception, numerous solo and ensemble works, site-specific performances, and mixed media video, photography, and installation works have been created within the context of theaters, galleries, museums, metro stations, airports, coastlines, intersections, and civic spaces throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and internationally.  Including the works: Wind Stations (2014-17),  Aniconic (2013-14), Made of Silence, Air, and Glass (2011-12), To (2007-8), Clothes x Sun (2006), Rootless Ghost (2006), and Sleep Here (2004).

Tableau Stations / Isak Immanuel has worked collaboratively with numerous renowned artists, recently including: Surjit Nongmeikapam (Manipur), Marina Fukushima (SF), Pijin Neji (Tokyo), Anna Halprin (Kentfield), Yuko Kaseki (Berlin), Luigi Coppola (Turin), Diego Agullo (Berlin), Katsura Kan (Kyoto), José Navarrete (SF), Christian Nagler (SF), Kanoko Nishi (Oakland), Terrance Graven (SF), Jorge de Hoyos (Berlin), and Anu Kaliting Sadipongan (Hualien).

The work of Tableau Stations / Isak Immanuel has been supported by several local and international organizations and foundations, including: Kenneth Rainin Foundation,  San Francisco Arts Commission, Center for Cultural Innovation, Japan-US Friendship Commission / National Endowment for the Arts, Hemera Foundation / Tending Space, Attakkalari FACETS Bangalore Program, Headlands Center for the Arts, CA$H Grant, Zellerbach Family Foundation, Hewlett Packard Foundation, CounterPulse Artist in Residence, Dock 11 Berlin, Djerrasi Artist in Residence, Akiyoshidai International Art Village, Taipei AIR, and several others.

Isak Immanuel is an interdisciplinary artist, dancer, and choreographer making work within quotidian spaces, theaters, galleries, and for camera. He is the artistic director and primary choreographer for Tableau Stations.  Recent work was at the Attakkalari India Biennial in Bangalore, India, Akiyoshidai International Art Village, ST Spot, and Dance Box in Japan, at the Taipei International Artist Village and the HweiLan International Artists Workshop in Taiwan, Moving_Movimento - Fabrica Europa in Italy, Dock11, ADA, and F40 Theatre in Berlin, CESTA (Cultural Exchange Station Tabor Arts) in the Czech Republic, and at New Langton Arts, CounterPULSE, SOMArts Cultural Center, OffCenter, Headlands Center for the Arts, and Djerassi in the San Francisco Bay Area, US.  In 2009, photographs and text from the project Clothes x Sun was featured in the European dance magazine tanz (formerly ballettanz). In 2010, he was awarded fellowship from the Japan-US Friendship Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts. In 2012, work was nominated for the 7th International Choreography Competition - no ballet in Ludwigshafen, Germany.  in 2014, while in residence at Dance Box Kobe / Maizuru RB in Japan, the work Wind Stations – a curation of missing people was initiated. For 2015-16, he was selected for a Tending Space Fellowship from the Hemera Foundation to engage the relationships of a meditation practice and an arts practice.

Initially a visual artist, Immanuel received a BFA from the California College of the Arts (1999) and has since been engaged in extensive research projects and worked with several movement artists internationally, including Anna Halprin, Katsura Kan, Yuko Kaseki, Thomas Langhoff (Munich State Opera/SF Opera), Koichi and Hiroko Tamano (Harupin Ha), Shinichi Iova-Koga (inkBoat), and Luigi Coppola (LOSS/Atti Democratici). He grew up on the mesas of Taos, New Mexico and in East Los Angeles,

contact :  isak (at)

photographs from the works (top down):  

1. Aniconic - a day without images    2. Made of silence, air, and glass  

3. Stations of Appearance    4. Aniconic - a quiet landscape   5.  Clothes x Sun / To  

all images Tableau Stations / Floor of Sky / Isak Immanuel, 2006-14

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