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Tableau Stations : Made of Silence, Air, and Glass

                               5 min segment from a 1 hour 20 min installation performance.  2011                                                      

The project develops a series of performances and images reflecting on the silences found in public spaces, landscapes, and everyday objects of orientation.  The elements of glass and air act as ingredients to negotiating perception, compression, and between space.  As a work that shifts between choreographic installation and performance art travelogue, an active reflection is the evanescence/fruition of relationships by way of silence, air, and glass.

* This video edit is made from work shown at F40 Theater in Berlin under the title:

“different types of silence” (April of 2011).


Hironori Sugata, Katrin Geller, Yuko Kaseki, Diego Agulló, and Isak Immanuel

Artistic Direction, Photo/Video Installation: 

Isak Immanuel

** The first installment of this work was at the International House of Japan/Iwasaki Memorial Hall in Tokyo as Stations of Appearance

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video 1   “Made of Silence, Air, and Glass”